British Brides Fear Their Weddings Will Be Canceled After Queen’s Death

The announcement of the death of Queen Elizabeth II has brides across Britain voicing concerns about how the official mourning period will affect their upcoming nuptials.

The queen died Thursday at Balmoral Castle in Scotland, and Buckingham Palace then announced the beginning of the nation’s “period of Royal Mourning,” which will last until seven days after the funeral. That date is yet to be confirmed, but leaked documents from last year suggest it’s planned for 10 days after the queen’s death.

With that day falling on a Sunday, however, and some confusion over whether “D-Day” – the day the queen died – is marked as Thursday or Friday, it remains unconfirmed when the funeral will be, though speculation cites it as falling on either Sunday the 18th or Monday the 19th. The state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey in London and marked with two minutes of silence in the U.K.In this combination image, a stock photo of a bride being walked down the aisle and an inset of Queen Elizabeth, who died Thursday, September 8, 2022, at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. The queen’s passing has brides across Britain voicing concerns about how the official mourning period will affect their upcoming nuptials.

Sporting events have been canceled, including English Football League games, and there will be no play at the BMW PGA Championship on Friday. Planned national rail strikes have also been halted as a show of respect.

With so many cancellations, brides in the U.K. have seemingly been left concerned about how their weddings might be affected in the upcoming weeks and they’re taking to online forums to express their worry.

“Have just seen the upsetting news about the Queen under medical supervision and as the family are traveling to be with her, it looks like it could be bad news. I have a small registry office wedding ceremony booked Wednesday 21st September, just wondering in case anything happens, does anyone know if registry office services would be canceled to accommodate the funeral or the mourning period?” asked one concerned bride-to-be in a popular Mumsnet post.

“The Daily Mail is saying the funeral is on day 10 of mourning. Assuming tomorrow is Day 1, is that not Sunday 18th? What happens to a wedding on that day?” asked another in a similar post to Mumsnet.

In a comment, another bride-to-be expressed almost identical fears, writing: “Our wedding on September 17. I am going through fazes or freaking out and then feeling fine. I have my fingers crossed for the brides on this thread. For this saying it’s only a wedding…Yes, a wedding which most have spent hours planning and stressing over. The money lost would be crazy” Not to mention family who has travel booked and paid for.”

Guidelines on what will be open or closed on the day of the funeral, and what it means for pre-existing plans, are unclear. According to the BBC, the day will “likely” be a bank holiday, similar to a federal holiday in the U.S.

Official Church of England guidelines set out for the mourning period state that “Weddings, funerals and baptisms may continue as planned through the national period of mourning. Clergy should check with those planning these events whether they wish them to take place during this time. Particular sensitivity should be taken when reviewing those which are planned to take place on the day of the funeral.”

Not all brides will wed in a church, however, and those that aren’t are still left concerned with what it means for venues and any extras, including flowers and catering.

Registry offices in the U.K. are typically closed on bank holidays, but thanks to the unique situation, that might not be the case this time. With all the unknowns, brides are left waiting to find out if their plans will be affected.

Confusion was just as visible in responses to the online posts, debating either side of the argument and questioning how plans will likely unfold.

“I think you will be ok but I would also be worrying in your shoes,” wrote one user.

“I get it OP [original poster]. I have a family funeral taking place the same week, and it will be upsetting to think it might be disrupted or might end up clashing with state funeral arrangements. No one’s fault if so but it’s also ok to hope it doesn’t come to that,” added another.

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