The Parkinson’s Protocol

“The Parkinson’s Protocol”: How to live with Parkinson’s disease.

Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease of the brain that affects movement and occurs because of the degeneration of cells located in a region of the brain called the substantia nigra.

It causes tremors, slowness of movement, muscle stiffness, imbalance, as well as changes in speech and writing. Parkinson’s Disease.

Nerve cells in the substantia nigra make a neurotransmitter called dopamine. But as nerve cells die, less dopamine is created. We need dopamine.

Loss of dopamine leads to loss of control over the body… and leads to a whole cascade of other physical and mental symptoms that combine to ruin a person’s life.

Disease progression is very variable and uneven among patients. In general, it has a slow, regular course and without rapid or dramatic changes.

There is no cure for the disease, however, it can and should be treated, not only fighting the symptoms, but also slowing down its progress. The great barrier to curing the disease lies in human genetics itself, because, in the brain, unlike the rest of the body, cells do not renew themselves. Therefore, nothing can be done in the face of the death of dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra.

Jodi Method

The method created by Jodi Knapp has natural approaches to treating diseases, understanding that they happen for a reason. For example, if I feel pain, deterioration or distress, it is a fact that there is a reason why I have it.

In addition to the medication actions prescribed by your doctor, the Jodi Method addresses why dopamine is in short supply. He understands the specific reason that it destroys the substantia nigra producing cells.

The Parkinson’s Protocol

It is based on a list of powerful, practical and easy actions to implement in your routine. Jodi Knapp has broken down this protocol into 12 habits.

Now is the time to start doing this. Get Parkinson’s Protocol today and feel the difference.

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