How To Save The Marriage Today

Avoid the end of your marriage, stop crises and avoid divorce. Learn how Save The Marriage can give you back your old energy and vitality.

Is your marriage in crisis?

Is it possible to be sleeping at different times or even different environments to avoid each other? Has any subject become an argument with accusations and screams? Do you feel that they are together for appearance or even for the children?

Calm down, this happens in practically every relationship and, unfortunately, it’s even common. But you can avoid it and have a completely healthy life next to your loved one.

Discover the effective method to end the moments of horny and crises, having a happy and healthy relationship in a few weeks.

There are 8 different ways to bring back marital bliss and only one will be productive for you. Meet them all and learn how to walk through each stage. Learn to identify the stage of crisis you are facing and be prepared to move forward in the healing process.

Anyone is capable of transforming their marriage, even if the other has already given up and opted for divorce.

It is possible to bring your relationship to life even if you have gone through difficult and complicated situations, such as: bankruptcies, dishonesty, disappointments, midlife crises and other obstacles that leave you on the brink of destruction.

No marital crisis appears overnight. Usually one person is caught off guard when he fails to realize that there was a problem and the other, tired of trying in vain, gives up.

The crisis starts “innocently”, with neglect or lack of understanding, and can quickly turn into a risky situation for the marriage.

You will discover:

• The five mistakes people make when a crisis arises;
• The secrets to a healthy, stable and loving marriage;
• How to assess the stage of your crisis;
• How to deal with any stage;
• What to do, what to say and what to avoid to save your marriage;
• How to go beyond emotions and act;
• Finding true intimacy;
• TIE communication elements and how they work;
• How to change the momentum of the relationship;
• Practices that will transform your marriage;
• The secret of how not to discuss and get around situations;
• How to turn your relationship into a team;
• How to deal with problems involving sex or financial condition;
• What to do about anger and resentment, feelings that are so dangerous for you or your spouse;
• How to make paradigm shifts.

Save The Marriage

The program consists of four modules:

• Module 01: The report: “The top five things not to do when your partner wants to go out”;
• Module 02: Quick Start Guide to Saving Your Marriage;
• Module 03: Save the main component of your wedding;
• Module 04: Down-N-Dirty Guide to Saving Your Marriage.

A complete way to recover and save your relationship, regardless of the current situation. For better training, we also offer bonuses:

• Bonus 01: Dealing With A Midlife Marriage Crisis;
• Bonus 02: Recovering From A Case Audio;
• Bonus 03: 5 Rules for the Fair Fight Report;
• Bonus 04: E-Book “Change of Heart”, by Paul and Jennifer Thibeault.


“Actually, he left… I am 41 years old and my husband recently told me he wanted out of the marriage and he left a few days later after 21 years of marriage… …After the initial shock wore off and I was able to think straight… your system…. …. I managed to convince him to give me and the marriage another chance… …I had to improvise with just his strategies in mind… …. Thank you very, very much for your resources…” – Georgia

“A fantastic resource… I have been reading the first few sections and am so relieved to find such a fantastic resource…
…It really fits in with the direction I’m going, personally and with clients.” – Sally F., Therapist

“My relationship is much better… For the record… let me just say that your guide is the most sensible, real self-help book of any kind I have ever read… … These things you talk about in your book are real, so simple —THEY JUST MAKE SENSE… My relationship with my husband just got so much better!! Thank you, thank you, thank you” – Robin R.

“I am amazed… at a whole new perspective… I sat down and read your modules last night. I read from 7pm to 12pm. I’m impressed! After reading it, I have a whole new take on our marriage. After reading it, I’m prepared to make the changes and changes necessary to have the marriage I’ve always wanted. – Maria Beth M.

“A dramatic twist! What a dramatic twist! Our relationship is 180 degrees inverted and moving in the right direction! Thank you so much!” – Nancy T

“Radically different… I finally have hope… My marriage has been in trouble for years. I’ve read other books. . . His ideas are radically different from others. I’ve never read anything like it. Now, things are looking up. I finally have hope!” – Brad R.

About The Author

Lee Baucom, Ph.D. is an 22 year veteran of marriage therapy. His training has been in marriage and family therapy, earning two Master’s degrees and a Ph.D. in the area. He has also completed specialty training in Community Building, as well as in Personal and Life Coaching.

Lee is an experienced facilitator of health and healing for individuals, couples, families, and organizations. This experience has given Lee a different perspective on why couples have problems, and what the solutions are for these problems.

From the beginning, Lee was committed to making relationships work. It is his contention that most relationships are salvageable, and that many take the “easy way out,” rather than finding a workable solution that preserves the relationship, leaving the relationship healthy and individuals happy.

Lee has been happily married for 22 years, and has two children. Lee is devoted to his family, and sees that as inspiration for his own work with families trying to find health.

In addition to family time, in his off-hours, Lee enjoys trail running, mountain biking, and scuba diving. He also pursues flyfishing and is an avid reader with a great deal of curiosity about a number of diverse fields.

Start NOW saving your marriage in less than an hour a day and have the relationship of your dreams!

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