HerbalWitch, an Exotic Tea-based Skincare Brand, Opens Shop for the Chemical-Free Crowd

HerbalWitch Wellness Pvt. Ltd., a premium skincare company conceptualised in Auroville Pondicherry, has just opened shop in Mumbai. HerbalWitch Wellness is India’s first Tea and Tisane product formulation company.

Their products are developed to complement the human body on the inside and outside. While the inside is enriched by nutraceuticals, the outside of the human body is assisted by soaps, serums, masks, and wipes.

HerbalWitch, an Exotic Tea-based Skincare Brand, Opens Shop for the Chemical-Free Crowd
HerbalWitch, an Exotic Tea-based Skincare Brand, Opens Shop for the Chemical-Free Crowd

Its product ranges are available on its website www.shopherbalwitch.com and on leading eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, etc. As of now, the itemized list includes herbal soaps, face masks, capsules, and intimate wipes.

Utilizing an Environment-First Approach

HerbalWitch’s journey started in a small tea-brewing house with a kitchen serving as an experimental lab in Parsik Hill in Navi Mumbai. Over the next three years, they set up R&D in Auroville and Kerala as well, and now have more than a hundred types of formulations for cosmetics, food and beverage, and nutraceuticals.

Binoy Kcyath, Director of the company, clarified his manifesto for the company and its products, “We believe in planet-friendly procedures from the ground up. The products must be manufactured using toxic-free ingredients. People always ask about the ‘witch’ reference, assuming something sinister. Contrary to popular legend, the witch is a protector archetype: a woman who takes it upon herself to heal society and its environment. If you feel an urge to heal others and can maintain healthy, natural rituals in your life to accomplish it, you qualify as a witch. That’s our target audience.”

A Focus on Tea Extracts

All the products in HerbalWitch’s inventory are made using extracts from tea plants. The value of tea-based extracts has risen in recent years, with a premium being placed on chemical-free compounds for consumers in the skincare, personal care, and food industries.

Another Director, Nikhil M reminded everyone of tea’s long-standing use case in society, “Teas and tisanes are in the public consciousness all over the world, from South Africa’s rooibos to Japan’s matcha tea. Given that their extracts have been studied to be beneficial for human skin, there is a considerable target audience who have resisted the pull of chemicalized skincare and have continued to rely on them. We hope to assist them in their endeavor.”

For thousands of years, tea has interested the populace. These extracts of leaf, flower, and stem have created legends, as if they are magical elixirs set among the mortals by the gods.

Judging by records from the Southern Song dynasty in China in the post-classical period, tea was used as palliative medicine. In medieval times, it was the village caregivers, witches, and wandering apothecaries who used to implement the many use cases of grounded tea to the common folk, researching herbs for new tisanes.

In modern times, nutraceuticals made of tea extracts that are only found in the wilds of South America, such as Damiana Tea, along with ginseng found in Asia, have been said to improve the vitality of consumers.

Tea extracts in the form of soap, nutraceuticals, face masks, intimate wipes, serums, show considerable healing power. As it is a natural antioxidant and has 500 biochemical compounds, it plays a supportive role for the skin, digestive system, and mind.

Catering to a New Breed of Vigilant Consumers

Priya Gosavi, another Director added, “HerbalWitch recognized a vigilant segment of the consumer population. These are the people who practice prudence with regard to chemical ingredients, always ready to read the fine print at the back of the box. This consumer segment requires significant manufacturing and development data to make observations from, and then make purchase decisions.

HerbalWitch’s program is to inform, educate, and assist consumers with content on the several naturally-sourced ingredients in their products and their concomitant health benefits to the skin. The brand honors the power of personal research on each consumer’s part, as it is a favorable outcome when products are chosen out of one’s careful consideration.

How Does One Buy HerbalWitch Products

As of now, HerbalWitch has herbal soaps, face masks and intimate wipes, which are sold on their website, on the aforementioned eCommerce websites like Amazon, and has also been distributed to some brick-and-mortar retailers in Mumbai.

Ranging from ₹299 to ₹499, there are 5 soap products, respectively of extracts of black tea, blue pea flower, rooibos, green tea, and matcha tea plants.

The facemask sheets range from ₹199 to ₹350 and include 3 different products, respectively of extracts of white tea and coconut; green tea and hibiscus; and matcha tea and volcanic ash.

And intimate wipes of extracts of matcha tea for ₹199 for a pack of 10 wipes.

In the next three months, the company is looking to release nutraceuticals range from ₹449 to ₹499 and include 3 different products respectively of extracts of chamomile and lavender; dandelion and milk thistle; and green tea and hibiscus. The intimate wipe range, as of now, includes 1 product that costs ₹199, which has extracts of matcha tea.

HerbalWitch hopes to reach consumers throughout India.

For more information on the brand and its aforementioned premium products, visit https://shopherbalwitch.com/, or follow its social media handles on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

For detailed answers, please send inquiries by email at info@shopherbalwitch.com.

The company’s address is listed as 2057 Inspire Hub, JP Road Village, Ambivali Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai 400058.

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