I’m a fashion whizz and there are five types of trousers you should AVOID if you want to hide your belly

THERE’S nothing wrong with having a bit of a belly, in fact it’s totally normal.

But if you do want to hide yours there are some trouser styles that aren’t going to help.

Tight leather leggings draw attention to the bellyCredit: YouTube/Petite Dressing

According to fashion whizz Chi Li there are five styles you should ditch from your wardrobe altogether.

Leather leggings

Anything too tight is going to highlight every bump on your body, which is the last thing you want if the aim is to hide your stomach.

Although leather trousers are on trend avoid legging styles and opt for more lose-fitting designs with straight legs.

Chi said: “There’s just the right amount of volume so it doesn’t cling to your legs, perfect to balance out your shape.”

Low and mid rise

It’s no secret that low rise trousers aren’t all that flattering, but Chi explained that mid rise styles aren’t much better.

This is because they generally sit right on your belly button, which is the widest part of your stomach.

Instead, wear high rise trousers that skim over your stomach, diverting the eyes away from the area you want to hide.

Wrong pleats

Chi explained: “If your pleated pants are facing inwards that’s not flattering because they actually create more bulk in your stomach and make your tummy look even bigger.

“Instead, look for the pleats that face outwards, these will conceal your stomach and make you look slimmer.”

Elastic waistband

We get it – trousers with an elastic waistband are loads more comfortable than those without, but according to the fashion whizz they’re not doing you any favours.

“They can make you look frumpy and make your stomach look even more obvious,” she said.

The good news is you don’t have to part ways with elastic waistbands altogether, just make sure they’re well hidden.

Paper bag trousers

The extra fabric on this style of trousers can make you look bigger than your really are, Chi explained.

Not only that, but a lot of paper bag styles have an elastic waistband and a belt, which just adds even more bulk to your midsection.

Instead opted for trousers that skim over your stomach without too much material as this is always more flattering.

Make sure your trouser pleats face the right wayMake sure your trouser pleats face the right wayCredit: YouTube/Petite Dressing

Opt for styles with a hidden elastic waistbandOpt for styles with a hidden elastic waistbandCredit: YouTube/Petite Dressing

Avid clingy fabricsAvid clingy fabricsCredit: YouTube/Petite Dressing

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