How to maintain the black color of clothes with easy homemade tricks

One of the most used colors when dressing is black and consequently, we tend to have a lot of clothes of this color. As a basic measure, it is necessary that when cleaning these pieces we do it separately from other colors. However, this time we will reveal some basic tricks that will help you keep the color black in your clothes.

Black clothing is one of the basic options in any closet, both for boys and girls, since it is a very versatile option that allows you to create a wide variety of looks. However, it also tends to be one of the most used, so we can wash a black garment up to 2 times a week because we tend to use them frequently. A bad wash can cause it to fade and wear easily, so this time we will reveal some homemade tricks that you can put into practice to maintain this color in your clothes.

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How to prevent black clothes from fading?

Wash them with clothes of the same color: One of the main measures that you must take into account before washing your clothes is to separate them according to their different colors and textures, especially when it comes to black garments. When you include too many colors in one wash, not only do you run the risk of staining other clothes, but the black color on your clothes can also start to fade. For this reason, make sure to separate your pieces properly and as an extra tip, turn them over before washing as this will help the color to last longer.

Use apple cider vinegar: A highly recommended home trick to keep the color black in clothes is to include a little apple cider vinegar in the washes. Adding a cup of this liquid will help eliminate bad odors and keep the colors for much longer. Be sure to use a detergent that has a rich scent, although the color of apple cider vinegar doesn’t tend to stay on clothes normally. Remember to use cold water in each wash, whether you include this product or not.

Do not store clothes in the sun: A very simple tip that has great results is not to hang your clothes out in the sun to dry. The sun’s rays can not only weaken the fabric, but also contribute to color loss. Dry your clothes in the dryer or in places with a lot of air but not in direct contact with the sun. This will help keep your black clothes from fading, and it even works with other colors too.

Do a good first wash: If you have new black clothes, you should take into account some tips so that their first wash helps them not to fade quickly. First of all, it is important that when washing you use cold water, wash it by hand and you can even add a tablespoon of salt so that the colors are fixed. In addition, it is advised that you wash it separately, even if you have several new clothes and use products designed to meet the objective of maintaining color.

Use black pepper: One trick you probably wouldn’t expect is to use black pepper in your washes, but this is a good ingredient to prevent fading and fading. This ingredient helps remove all soap residue so that they do not later become stains, prevents garments from becoming dull and from acquiring fluff. Learn how to remove lint from clothes. To use it, pour two tablespoons of black pepper into the washing machine, after including the water, detergent and parts. Don’t forget to separate the colors so as not to damage other clothes!

These tricks and homemade ingredients will help you keep your black clothes with the color intact, you can even apply some at the same time. In this way, you will not have to worry about faded garments, or ruining your clothes.

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