First-Day Fits: Students Show Off Their Back to School Fashion

On Friday, Sept. 2, Montclair State University held its first day of classes for the fall semester. Students at Montclair State participated in “First-Day Fits,” a time for students to show off their first-day outfits in front of University Hall.

The first day of college can feel very intimidating. For some students, this is where their style plays a big part in how they adapt to different environments. Many students use their style as a way to express their daily emotions or tap into their alter egos.

This hour allowed students to share what their first-day look meant to them and how their style contributes to their overall confidence. Students shared insight on who and what inspires them to be uniquely themselves.

Mars Adams, a freshman film and television major, shared why her style teaches her to be comfortable with herself.

Adams rocked an oversized hoodie with ripped fishnets and paired it with her favorite Steve Madden platform boots. Adam explains that dressing like this wasn’t always a part of her everyday lifestyle, and how over time she was able to be comfortable in the clothing she truly loves.

Mars Adams, a freshman film and television major, shows off her first day of school look.
Photo courtesy of Jajone Cuff

“I wasn’t allowed to wear what I wanted in high school,” Adams said. “I’m finally able to wear what I want and do my makeup as much as I want. I feel like the confidence that lives in me expresses through my fashion.”

Mars Adams posing for a quick photo

Mars Adams poses for a photo.
Photo courtesy of Jajone Cuff

Courtney Theodule, a senior jurisprudence, law and society major, advises incoming freshmen who want to get into fashion on campus to stay true to themselves.

“Since you’re on campus, be unique and be the one that stands out,” Theodule said. “Try not to be like everyone else or what everyone else wants to buy.”

Courtney Theodule rocking an all brown-toned outfit

Courtney Theodule, a senior jurisprudence, law and society major, rocks an all brown-toned outfit.
Photo courtesy of Jajone Cuff

Theodule started off her fall semester with a brown-toned outfit. She paired her pants and brown button-up shirt with a “Protect Black Women” bag from the black-owned brand CISE. She then topped it all off with her wildly patterned Adidas sneakers.

Theodule believes being on top of every trend doesn’t always make you the one that stands out.

“I like stuff that everyone doesn’t have,” Theodule said. “I just feel like that makes me unique on its own.”

Courtney Theodule showing us her Protect Black Women purse

Courtney Theodule showing off her “Protect Black Women” purse.
Photo courtesy of Jajone Cuff

Since the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there has been a rapid increase in the lack of individuality. Over time, people have begun to latch onto each other’s styles and favorite clothing pieces. While this can be great, it stops people from searching for what they like and don’t like.

Sheridan Harney, a freshman biology major, paired a black and white crop top with ripped low-rise jeans and black Doc Martens. Harney also sported different accessories such as a double grommet belt, studded bracelets and a white star tote bag.

Sheridan Harney showing off her star totebag

Sheridan Harney, a freshman biology major, showing off her star tote bag.
Photo courtesy of Jajone Cuff

Harney’s style inspiration comes from the early 2000s. She also advised on how others can incorporate things they are genuinely interested in through their style.

“Look at the media you consume and which parts [of] that you enjoy and just take all of it in,” Harney said. “Just don’t be afraid to express yourself.”

Sheridan Harney posing for her first day photo

Sheridan Harney posing for her first day photo.
Photo courtesy of Jajone Cuff

Fashion statements are a way to show off individuality. With the ability to make it their own, these students took pride in what they wore and how they presented themselves on their first day of school.

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