15 Best K-pop Dancers: BTS Jimin, GOT7 BamBam, More!

In every K-pop group, members are given certain positions in which they will be in-charge of during their promotions. This includes rap, vocals, dance, and the responsibility of a leader. While every group is different and doesn’t necessarily need to have all of the positions mentioned, a staple among them is a dancer! Although there are members responsible for bringing a choreography to life, anyone can be an exceptional dancer in their group.

Recently on September 8, popular online voting site Dabeme Pop held a poll asking fans to vote for who they think is the best dancer in the K-pop industry. With over millions of votes sent, here are the K-pop dancers that made it in the top ranks!

BTS Jimin Crowned as Best K-pop Dancer

According to Dabeme Pop, BTS member Jimin took first place to be crowned as the best dancer in the K-pop industry. Out of the several million of votes set in by K-pop fans, Jimin takes a good chunk of the votes, garnering 2,529,393 votes in total.

Jimin made his debut as the main dancer of the Grammy-nominated boy group BTS back in June 2013. Besides being the main dancer of the group, Jimin is also responsible for being the lead vocalist of BTS.

Jimin being crowned as the best K-pop dancer isn’t much of a surprise, as he previously took first place for his fourth year in a row in Dabeme Pop’s past poll asking for the best male dancer back in May of this year. And given Jimin’s expertise in dancing, his win is well-deserved!

In fact, Jimin was even described as the “king of modern dance,” as well as an “all-round dancer” for being able to do not only modern dance, but also hip-hop, martial arts, ballet, and more.

GOT7 BamBam and Jackson Take Top 3 Best K-pop Dancer

Following not far behind Jimin is GOT7’s Thai member, BamBam! According to Dabeme Pop, BamBam took 2,097,232 of the total votes, earning him the spot as the second best dancer in the industry according to fans.

GOT7 Bambam(Photo : Instagram: @bambam1a)
GOT7 BamBam

BamBam made his debut as the sub rapper of GOT7 back in January 2014. Despite being the sub rapper of the group, BamBam earned the respect from not only his fellow group mates, his fans, but also from professional dancers like 1MILLION’s Lia Kim for his superb dance skills.

With him being well-rounded as a performer, it’s no wonder that he was invited to become a mentor for the Thai audition program Seven Stars.

Another GOT7 member who made it in the top three to become the No. 3 best K-pop dancer is Jackson! Over on Dabeme Pop, there was a big gap as the Chinese K-pop star garnered 1,903,534 votes submitted by fans.

GOT7 Jackson(Photo : Weibo: 王嘉尔)
GOT7 Jackson

Like BamBam, Jackson debuted with GOT7 in January 2014 as the main rapper, lead dancer, and face of the group. He is also responsible for the martial arts tricks.

Jackson has also been heavily praised for his dance skills, despite having no prior experience before becoming a trainee at JYP Entertainment. In fact, his flexibility and athleticism as a dancer can be attributed to his past as a national sabre fencer. And it helps that he knows how to do some martial arts!

With his experience, Jackson became the dance mentor on the show Hot Blood Dance Crew and a cast of Street Dance of China 3.

Top 15 Best K-pop Dancers

1. BTS Jimin – 2,529,393 votes

2. GOT7 BamBam – 2,097,232 votes

3. GOT7 Jackson – 1,903,534 votes

4. GOT7 Yugyeom – 1,640,214 votes

5. BTS V – 1,640,214 votes

6. TVXQ Yunho – 446,490 votes

7. Stray Kids Hyunjin – 359,227 votes

8. Stray Kids Lee Know – 296,592 votes

9. Stray Kids Felix – 263,237 votes

10. ENHYPEN Ni-ki – 234,333 votes

11. BTS J-Hope – 225,079 votes

12. SHINee Taemin – 188,015 votes

13. TREASURE Mashiho – 150,205 votes

14. THE BOYZ Juyeon – 142,782 votes

15. BTS Jungkook – 123,721 votes

Who do you think is the best K-pop dancer?

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