Perfect eyeliner: 9 tips to get the line right

Performing a perfect eyeliner is every woman’s dream. But due to its high skill level, if one is not practiced, the trait has a chance of being crooked or even blurred. And if it’s hard to do in one eye, can you imagine reproducing the same on the other side?

That’s why we’ve listed 9 tricks and solutions to help you get the perfect eyeliner.

Meet your eyes
Before starting, it is important to know your eye shape. Eye size influences application and outlining technique.

If the eyelid is smaller, for example, the suggestion is a more precise tracing.

Choose the product well
In stores there are several types of eyeliner, from pencils to gel.

The most suitable is the liquid eyeliner that presents results with better finishing and precise line. Within this universe, there is the format of a brush and pen with a fine tip, beveled or stamp. Also, look for the most pigmented, with the most intense color.

The right environment
Choose a well-lit place with no shadows getting in the way. You don’t have to be close to the mirror. Stand a considerable distance away to see if the line is the way you want it and if one eye is similar to the other.

Support your elbows to ensure balance and firmness in your hands.

Always practice
Don’t leave it to do the outlined when you leave the house or on the party day. To achieve the perfect outline level, you need to train a lot in your free time. Keep a makeup remover or face primer handy to correct the line or to erase and start over.

The right angle for your kitty
How many times have you admired a famous eyeliner or even tried to reproduce it? Know that her eye shape is not the same as yours. Each person needs to find their ideal angle.
With a pencil or the eyeliner itself, support the side of the nose and direct to the outer corner of the eye. So you visualize the right angle of the kitten.

Indicate the way
For those who are still practicing, applying eyeliner can be a challenge. Before the final design, make a stipple close to the lashes. Then, connect the dots until you complete the outline.

One more alternative: with a light hand, make a very faint line with the eyeliner pen. If you don’t like the ‘draft’, delete it and do it again. If it’s approved, just tick over it.

Use sticky tape
This trick is old, but it’s worth it. Masking tape helps trace the angulation of your kitty eye. Cut the tape and glue it to the skin at the angle you want. Finally, fill in with the eyeliner.
Everyone has an eye that is easier to outline. So start with what gives you the most work. That way you get better results, and when you move on to the easier eye, it will be a breeze.
Got your perfect eyeliner? Now, to highlight the eyes even more, bet on a mascara to lengthen or bring volume to the lashes.

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