I’m a skincare pro – 7 simple anti-aging tips I wish I’d known earlier

A SKINCARE product reviewer has shared her seven simple anti-aging tips she wishes she’d known earlier in her life to shelter her skin.

Protecting your skin as you age is not something to be taken lightly and one skincare professional shared her seven secrets to great skin that she wish she knew earlier.

Skincare and beauty professional Angela shares on her Instagram seven skincare tips she wish she knew earlier to help prevent against agingCredit: Instagram/ft.angela

Known on Instagram as ft.angela, the self-described “skincare bestie” shared a reel on the platform revealing her seven skin health tips that she found out later in life and wishes she applied earlier.

Beauty lover Angela uses her social platforms to share beauty reviews of products she’s tried and offer skincare advice to her thousands of followers.

The video may be short and sweet but it gets the point across in a very straightforward way.

Many of these tips have been circulating in the beauty industry for a while or at the very least you have been told a few by your local dermatologist.

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The first tip she mentions is to not over exfoliate your skin.

Most Dermatologists recommend to exfoliate about two to three times per week as long as your skin can handle it.

The next tip Angela shares to her audience is to use retinols on your skin.

Retinols have been proven to boost collagen which is incredibly important in the anti-aging process to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

The third piece of skincare advice is to always wear suncreen, whether it be rain or shine.

Sunscreen doesn’t only protect against sunburn, but it also reduces your risk of skin cancer, stops DNA damage, prevents the early onset of wrinkles and fine lines among other benefits.

The fourth skincare secret she mentions is to double cleanse your skin after wearing makeup and/or SPF.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to skincare especially when applying chemicals.

The next skincare tip she shares pertains to the longform use of your skincare products and making sure you give them actual time to work before tossing them away.

She also reinforces this statement in the video caption writing, “it’s important to add that when you find products that work for you stick with it.”

To piggyback off of her last piece of advice, she further emphasizes the long term effects of beauty product use in the sixth tip adding that it may sometimes take months to see results.

Her final skincare secret also has to do with the many skincare and beauty products saturating the market.

She encourages her viewers to invest in skincare rather than makeup, but at the same time, expensive skincare does not always mean the best quality and good for your skin.

She also adds a few more anecdotes in the caption of the video citing that the skincare market can be overwhelming and wanting to try every new and shiny products can cause more harm than good.

Following her tid bits of advice, the comment section of her Instagram reel was filled with individuals asking for more information and sharing their skin concerns.

“Can u recommend products for me. I want to start a skin care routine but I don’t want to use random products. Pls suggest cleansing, sunscreen, and exfoliating productssss. Thanku sm,” one Instagram user commented.

“Your skin is glowing. Love all these tips!” another added.

Angela shares that the skincare market can be overwhelming and wanting to try every new product can cause more harm than good

Angela shares that the skincare market can be overwhelming and wanting to try every new product can cause more harm than goodCredit: Instagram/ft.angela
Angela says to invest in quality skincare over makeup productsAngela says to invest in quality skincare over makeup productsCredit: Getty
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